Tuesday, 8 August 2017

That Time My Lawnmower Man Email Was Read Out On Castle Rock Radio

Castle Rock Radio is a Stephen King themed podcast run by the guys behind dark fiction publishing house Perpetual Motion Machine. The podcast itself deals with some of Stephen King's more obscure and bizarre stories, and the stories behind those stories, with Episode 1 focusing on none other than The Lawnmower Man.

For some reason The Lawnmower Man (the film, not the story) comes up again and again throughout my life. From Chuckle-Bits co-host Stevie Grant's insistence that him being born on the day of the film's release holds any significance at all, to my first confused watching of the film on Channel 5, to seeing the film's title displayed across a cinema in Newcastle back in 1992.

It's this last memory that I had in mind when writing to Perpetual Motion Machine, thanking them for a fun first episode. And they read the thing out, on Episode 9 "The Stephen King Quiz Book".

The podcast is free to download. Here are the links:

Castle Rock Radio 01 - The Lawnmower Man

Castle Rock Radio 09 - The Stephen King Quiz Book


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