Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Feedburner test for Twitter

I realised a few months ago that my blog posts weren't auto-posting to Twitter any more. This was a problem, as I reckon most of my blog views come via the people who follow me on Twitter.

That's @MegaWestgarth, by the way.

I actually don't know how useful Twitter is for directing people towards my blog. Readership has fallen dramatically since I stopped writing about, and posting photos of, my retro games. I also reckon it has something to do with the rise of Youtube. In fact, I'm certain of it. Outside of Tumblr, blogs are dead. No one has time for them. And even then, Tumblr is little more than an expanded version of Twitter injected with all the bad content from Myspace and LiveJournal.

Anyway, I found out that in Feedburner I can activate a thingy that should auto-post new blog posts to Twitter. I needed to test it, and here's the test.

I'm not dead by the way. Just Yorkshire.


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