Thursday, 15 June 2017

Chuckle-Bits Needs Your Help (With Discord)

Podcasts are complicated things to record. At least, they are if you're me and Stevie Grant. The truth is, we're stupid and useless, and we don't know how to do anything.

So there's rumours of a new Chuckle-Bits podcast in the works. We can't confirm nor deny those rumours. But if they were true, those hypothetical podcast plans would be on hold because Stevie and I don't want to use Skype to record any more. Recording through Skype has caused problems upon problems.

When Stevie records podcasts with the Sega Addicts crew, he uses Discord. But Stevie doesn't know how Discord works. I don't know how Discord works. We don't know how Discord works.

Do you know how Discord works? Do you know how to record audio through Discord? Would you mind telling us so we can get on with recording a new Chuckle-Bits podcast?

That's a hypothetical podcast.

Get in touch with me at megawestgarth(at)gmail(dot)com, or tweet us on Twitter @MegaWestgarth and @TheStevieGrant.

Seriously though, we're dumb/lazy and can't/can't be bothered to figure this out ourselves.


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