Tuesday, 18 April 2017

That Time I Found Myself on Some Random Online Database

I was surfing the information super-highway the other day and found myself on some science fiction database: namely, Internet Speculative Fiction Database.

I actually wound up on the site while scouring the web for paying sci-fi short story markets. The rejections keep coming (way over 150 now) and I need new places to send my stories before I'm forced to resort to non-paying markets.

So there I was staring at a database for what appeared to be sci-fi pulp magazines with a blank search bar. So of course I typed in my last name. It wasn't a case of vanity, I swear! I was more curious to see if anyone sharing my surname (there's not many out there with the surname Westgarth) had ever been published, be it in pulp magazines or otherwise.

My name was the only one that came up.

It was a confusing moment, then I realised that the site also categorises modern, web-only journals, including Grievous Angel, in which I had flash fiction published 100 years ago. The title of the story was "Memory Lanes". It's still available to read for free if you fancy it. Here's a link. Enjoy.


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