Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Sonic Time Twisted: Twisting My Mind

I can't believe Sonic Time Twisted is finally finished. Not because I thought Bryce "Overbound" Stock was incapable of delivering a 1.0 version (although Sonic fan games rarely see full releases), but because of how much time has passed since interviewing him for TSSZ.

You can download Sonic Time Twisted via Overbound's website.

Writing for TSSZ was a good gig. Part of me thinks I'd still be contributing if I'd had the time. Most of my output came in the form of a controversial column named Vertical Slice. I'm sure long time readers of this blog will remember the vitriol I received from Sonic fans as a result. But I doubt there's many that remember the frantic and haphazard interviews I held and published for TSSZ around the time of Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE) 2014.

I talked to LakeFeperd, to Techokami, to Kevin “Highwire” Ethridge, and a many more avid game makers. One of those guys was Overbound, and his game in particular reminded me of the high production value and dedication I'd seen in LakeFeperd's work.

So when I happened to see Overbound's call for pre-release Sonic Time Twisted playtesters some weeks ago on Twitter, I asked if I could help. And I think I helped. I hope I helped. I'd never playtested before, and I tried to break the game as much as a I could in the small amount of time I had.

I haven't tried the 1.0 version yet, but I suggest giving it a go, if only for the first few acts. That's where the polish lies in my opinion—although the rest of Time Twisted still offers a solid Sonic experience.

For me, the experience of playing Sonic Time Twisted was a little strange. I felt the passage of time, recalling as a distant memory something I thought had happened only a year or so ago. Those TSSZ interviews are three years behind me now, yet here I am, writing about Overbound's hard work coming to fruition—and he's worked for 12 years damn on the thing.

And it's all happening at once. Rain World has just released, as has Spark the Electric Jester, and I remember seeing that Bacon Man is on its way to Steam later this year. These are all projects I'd written about for various outlets when they were in their infancy. Time has passed, and realising that feels weird.


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