Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Metal Gear Rising 100% Because WHY NOT?!?

The idea popped into my head the other day that I'd like to try for a 100% completed file of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It happened the day after a particularly gruelling session where I tried to beat Mistral on Revengeance difficulty with no upgrades. It was brutal, and I could only finish her off by brute-forcing my way through the fight, using all my repair nanopaste in the process. Then I tried the same with the two GRADs at the end of the second level, and nearly melted into a blubbering mess of broken nerves and shattered dreams.

The problem is, I overcame those challenges. The game's become to easy for me. And that's not boasting on my part. I don't actually consider myself particularly good at the game. I've memorised very few of the combos. I rarely use any weapon other than Raiden's default sword or Sam's sword. Hell, I've never even used Monsoon's sai. But I know how the game works. I know how each enemy behaves, I've learnt how to perform parries on all of the them. And I know what to do to win.

And that sucks. I remember pulling my hair out trying to beat Senator Armstrong on Normal mode the first time I played. It took over two hours. Now I play against him on Revengeance for fun. I miss the challenge.

"So let's 100% the damn thing," I told myself. Every title, every left hand, every data storage device, every man in every box, every rank on every VR mission. And of course S-Ranking Revengeance, DLC included.

How hard can it be?


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