Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Literary Agents Sort Out Your Websites Please Thanks

Dude, seriously, my eyeballs are dribbling down my cheeks here. Am I the only one that has trouble switching between multiple agency websites? I mean eye trouble. I mean brain trouble. I mean mind trouble.

Literary agency websites are strange things. Some clearly haven't been updated since the 90s, while some are so overdeveloped it's nearly impossible to find anything amongst the sliding menus, the obnoxious animations, the strange proportions that mean I have to scroll left and right to view a website's contents on my 1440x900 monitor. Jesus, how does that even happen?

But my main problem is the fonts. I'll be on one agency website, and it'll be green text on a white background. Then I'll go to another and it'll be yellow on black. Then I'll switch to another and it'll be purple on yellow. I mean, christ, have a heart guys—once these eyeballs are shot, I don't get another pair.

Different font sizes, different fonts, graphics that obscure text, text that obscure graphics. Is it a wonder that I actually prefer the time-capsule sites from the 90s? They load instantaneously, have clearly defined hyperlinks, and I can see everything I need to on my monitor without scrolling horizontally. I mean, seriously, what kind of Loony Tunes world do we live in where people design websites that are wider than 1440 goddamn pixels?

Sort it out.


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