Friday, 21 October 2016

Chuckle-Bits Radio: Final Episode Update

Good news: I managed to find the Audacity editing files for the previous episodes of the super smash hit comedy videogame podcast Chuckle-Bits Radio. They were on the other hard drive—the external one. Silly me. Here is the list of files I now have access to:


Bad news: The final episode of the super smash hit comedy videogame podcast Chuckle-Bits Radio will take approximately one million years to edit.

In my previous blog post I mentioned that the quality of the recording Stevie Grant and I made was poor. Stevie's audio track in particular was very quiet relative to my own. No a big deal, I thought. I'd just amplify Stevie's voice and run Audacity's Noise Reduction feature. It might not sound great, but it'd be audible.

But here's the thing, my voice is echoed within Stevie's audio track. Stevie told me he was using a headset, implying that his computer's speakers weren't playing my voice straight into his own microphone even though that's exactly what seems to have happened. Also, the two separate audio tracks grow out of sync over time for some reason I can't figure out.

What this means is, I have to manually silence the echo of my own voice on Stevie's track while avoiding any parts where Stevie himself talks. If there's ever a moment where we speak at the same time, I have to manually resync both tracks so that the clearer, louder track containing my voice is exactly in sync with the echo that's present on Stevie's track. Then I'll have to mix the two tracks together, and then add all the silly sounds and songs and whatnot.

This is taking a long time. Like, seriously, I spent over three hours editing last week and made it through 25 minutes of a three hour recording. That's not a complaint on my end, just a fair warning that you might die of old age before the final episode of Chuckle-Bits Radio hits the official Sega Addicts Kids' Table RSS feed.


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