Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Soci of Metro: Last Submission Sent

On Friday I sent the last few submissions for my novel Soci of Metro to the last few agents on my list. But I don't feel relieved.

As of now I've received four rejections, one request for a more detailed synopsis followed by a rejection, and one full manuscript request. That's out of 26 submissions. As far as first-time novel submissions go, those are pretty good numbers, or at least that's what pages upon pages of internet blog posts tell me.

But now, with those last few agents submitted to, I no longer have the feeling that I can still do something to help my chances. I can't tend to the fire any longer, as I've run out of kindling. It's out of my hands. I've done what I can. All I can do is wait.

And that's scary.

A while ago some freelance novel editor from the US followed me on Twitter and said I should aim for at least 60 submissions, or rather rejections, before thinking of giving up. And that's encouraging, and it's also the kind of number I've seen on the aforementioned pages upon pages of blog posts, but 26 is it for me. That's all I can do, because two years ago I was "cursed" with the inspiration to write science fiction.

That's what Soci of Metro is: science fiction. It might be "soft" science fiction, or "social" science fiction, but it's science fiction nonetheless. It's speculative fiction. It's genre fiction. The fact that it doesn't take place in an environment that exists on present day Earth, or in the planet's past, means that my options when looking for agencies to submit to are limited.

Limited to 26, it would seem. I mean, I think I've been pretty thorough with my search for UK agencies, and I think I've done well to avoid agencies that look less reputable than I'm comfortable with. But there's no way I'm hitting 60 submissions. Not within the UK.

Like I said, it's out of my hands. I've done what I can. All I can do is wait.

And like I said, that's super duper scary.


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