Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Soci of Metro: Fourth Draft Complete

The fourth draft of my novel, titled Soci of Metro, is complete. I've mentioned this fourth draft in a previous blog post in which I described it as no more than a typo hunt. That's still the case—aside from fixing some tenses, remedying ambiguity from some of the sentences, and cleaning up a relatively small amount of typos, Soci of Metro's fourth draft is the same as the third.

But it's done, and that's what matters. I can sleep soundly knowing that, should an agent request a full manuscript, what I send out will have a negligible number of typos and grammatical mistakes. I say "negligible" because, even though I read each chapter out loud, and read it slowly, there's bound to still be typos. Because there always are. Always.

Now all I have to do is format the manuscript in the way that the internet assures me is the format agents prefer to read. Which means mucking around with headers and page styles in LibreOffice, and then hoping they survive the conversion from .odt to the bloated and antiquated .doc.

After that I've got two more agents to submit to. And then I can finally, finally turn my back on Soci of Metro and the .doc file format for a while.

Did you know that as a .odt my 126,000-word novel has a file size of 487KB versus 1,892KB as a .doc? Just sayin'.


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