Monday, 4 July 2016

Soci of Metro: Third Draft: Complete

Soci of Metro is done. 100%. Or 108%, or whatever I said in that previous blog post. I went over those first four chapters, cleaned them up. And then, at 10:05AM on June 30th 2016 I pressed ctrl+s, turned off the computer, and went for a walk.

And man, that sky was blue.

I've spent the last two working days compiling a list of literary agencies I'd be happy representing me. I started with a lengthy list of over 60 that I scribbled down from a 2012 edition of The Writers' and Artists' Yearbook I bought it in my local library for a pound. Then I whittled it down to 20. And now to 11.

So that's 11 one-in-a-million chances.

I'm strangely confident. I mean, it's not hard to find advice about the dos and don'ts of submitting novels to agents. It seems the biggest mistakes are from people trying to be cute—writing their covering letter from the perspective of their own fictional characters—or either downplaying their work and ability or being arrogant. A lot of people seem to fail purely because they didn't follow an agency's submission guidelines.

I'm not going to fall into any of those traps. I'm going to slave over my 500 word Soci of Metro synopsis and covering letter until they're super duper shiny, then do exactly what those submission guidelines say. Exactly.

That's not to say I'll be successful. Odds are I won't be. But if I do fail, it'll be because of my writing, and the strength (or weakness) of my work. Not because my story's main character thinks my novel's cool, and can't wait to tell agents all about it.


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