Friday, 22 July 2016

Soci of Metro: First Submission Sent

When this post goes live, I should have already sent my first novel submission to a literary agent.

It's been three weeks since I finished the third draft of Soci of Metro. Since then I've been busy with various different tasks that have all led to this moment—this first submission.

I've written multiple drafts of my novel's synopsis, I've scoured the internet for appropriate agencies and agents, I've read articles upon articles on genre conventions, and subgenres, and markets to which I think my novel will appeal.

I've had to muck about with LibreOffice in order to format my manuscript in a way that agents will hopefully find acceptable. And I've had to research for hours—and I mean hours—in order to figure out just what that format is.

I've even changed my Twitter profile picture to a more recent photo—though I wish I didn't have to—because I've decided to follow the agents I submit to, so they know that I know what a Twitter is. And if and when they do find out, they'll know that I'm a relatively young dude and not some old fogey, because even though it's not necessary for me to disclose my age in a submission covering letter, an agent might still be interested in how old I am.

See? I've been busy. Busy thinking. Busy doing. And now I've rolled that die—I've sent off that first submission—and while I intend to send out more sooner rather than later, there's something momentous, and terrifying, about this first one.


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