Wednesday, 1 April 2015

TSSZ: Vertical Slice - Remembering Sonic the Comic

Vertical Slice: Remembering Sonic the Comic [TSSZ]

Excerpt below:

But what I do find interesting are each issue’s featured story, in which writers Nigel Kitching, and to a lesser extent Lew Stringer, told non-condescending, multi-parted children’s stories with surprising levels of conflict and seriousness. For example, in the popular “Running Wild” story, starting in Sonic the Comic #80, Sonic’s psychopathic alter ego Super Sonic decides to kill Amy Rose. He’d stopped before he does, of course, but the murderous intent and capability was thereSuper Sonic was a scary monster that didn’t simply want to “defeat” or “destroy” Amy, he wanted to kill her.

Go read the article in full over at TSSZ.

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