Friday, 2 January 2015

Fiction Writing 2014 - In Summary

The first short story I sent to a paying publisher was "Nine Days" sometime in April 2014. I sent it to a competition run by Almond Press, who were putting together a dystopian-themed anthology, where first prize was £100.

Nine Days wasn't even shortlisted.

Since then I've sent 68 submissions to various publications from Asimov's, to Stand Magazine, to that's life!. Of those 68 submissions I've received 50 rejections, with 17 more still waiting in limbo.

My first and only acceptance came on October 21st 2014 and was with Charles Christian's Grievous Angel webzine for a piece of flash fiction titled "Memory Lanes". The story clocks in at around 350 words and has yet to be published.

As of now I have 14 completed short stories, the lengths of which range from under 100 words to over 4,000. I also have one completed comic script intended for 2000AD's "Future Shocks" which needs a synopsis. I have six short stories that in the process of being rewritten.

As for my novel, "Soci of Metro", I have rewritten 72 out of an ever increasing total of 250 pages -- that's nine out of 39 chapters -- with a word count of over 70,000.

I try not to talk about how my writing is going, even with family, because my foray into the world of fiction writing has yielded few achievements. Realistically, receiving even one acceptance in my first six months of writing is a phenomenal achievement, especially considering Grievous Angel is a SFWA-qualifying professional market.

Nevertheless, I've failed to achieve my own self-imposed goals and deadlines. Admittedly, these goals were outrageous, including "Complete Novel in Six Months" among others. But I can't help but feel as if I should have done more.

So there's a quick and dirty summary of what I've been doing in 2014 with regards to my fiction writing. With a hearty stockpile of completed stories and works-in-progress, I hope to reel in another acceptance soon.


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