Friday, 21 November 2014

Soci of Metro: Onto the Big Rewrite

About a week ago I wrote a blog post about my plan to implement a series of small edits to my novel, Soci of Metro, before moving onto the big rewrite. Even though I started with 147 individual continuity fixes -- a figure that eventually rose to 170 -- I managed to get them done within a single week. In the process I also increased my word count by roughly 5,000 words, which is a lovely bonus.

As of Monday Nov 18th, I am now rewriting Soci of Metro, top to bottom and inside out. I initially thought that if any part of writing a novel would break me down, it'd be the rewriting. Having to essentially recreate something I've spent so long working on sounded like a terrible task, but it's really not that bad!

In fact, I'm actually really enjoying going over the first few chapters and reinvigorating the characters and locations knowing what I know now about those people and places. Of course, I planned Soci of Metro extensively before I started even the first, rough draft, but  even then the individual elements of the story I was telling morphed and evolved as I wrote it. The main character in my rewrite, Path Panderas, isn't quite the same Path I imagined when I first started.

And therein lies the secret joy of rewriting. I get to take what I've already created and make it better using what I learned the first time round. I'm sure there plenty of analogous experiences in other forms of art. But this is the first time I've experienced it with anything as large as a 65,000 novel.

I'll be keeping count of my progress on the right hand side bar as before, except now I'll be tallying pages edited rather than wordcount. After all, I'll be adding and cutting as I go. So keep checking back to see how I'm doing, and if you want to get in touch then feel free to badger me via Twitter @MegaWestgarth.


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