Thursday, 7 August 2014

Strategy Informer: Skymap's Bacon Man

The following is an excerpt from my recently published Strategy Informer article titled "Kickstarter Profile: Skymap's Bacon Man".

It's not so much Bacon Man's weird and wonderful world that surprised me, but just how far development for the game has already come. An alpha build already exists, with a playable demo and other impressive gameplay footage being shown off at various conventions – all prior to the Bacon Man Kickstarter, which asks for $20,000.

Almost as interesting as the current version of Bacon Man is the games transition from a purely 2D, pixel art based game to a 3D sidescroller. The game's Kickstarter video specifically mentions a previous, 2D incarnation of Bacon Man which was dropped in favour of more contemporary 3D graphics. However the reason for the move away from retro aesthetics isn't explained.

Read "Kickstarter Profile: Skymap's Bacon Man" in full over at Strategy InformerMore information on Bacon Man can be found on the game's Kickstarter page.


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