Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Emma's Crash Bandicoot Mini Quilt

Crash Bandicoot Quilt

My girlfriend Emma recently finished working on a Crash Bandicoot inspired miniature quilt, as you can see in the image above. Go have a look at some more pictures over at Emma's blog, EveningEmma!

I meant to make this post weeks ago, back when Emma actually finished the quilt at the end of May this year. As usual, things got in the way, but that hasn't stopped Emma from promoting the quilt herself, which has led to her work being featured on videogame handicraft hubs Sprite Stitch and Mr X Stitch.

Emma first decided to make something Crash Bandicoot releated while watching me make my way through the first Crash Bandicoot some moths ago. It started with a small embroidery piece, which is the method Emma used when making her Sonic the Hedgehog Chaos, Adventure Time, and Half-Life headcrab pieces. But once she'd finished, Emma wanted to expand on the themes and colours of the game's design with a quilt.

Emma's been making videogame related crafts for years now and is open for commissions. So if you want to see your favourite videogame characters recreated via embroidery, cross stitch, pixel hobby or anything inbetween, head over to Emma's website right now!


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