Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Poem: The Luckiest Man In All The World

His unmarked soul shines bright with purity,
Untainted from the caste formed by dark skies,
His values held against a world obscene,
No doubt, the most fortunate man alive.

No complication, his life's path is straight,
His morph is set, as passed by arcane law,
A choice, not transferred, nor bifurcated,
Luckiest man, in each country adored.

Cause and effect, he'd like to think, defined,
He walks upon the Earth, and thus, it twirls,
"Integrity", this false thought grips his mind,
The most enduring man in all the world.

Nothing to lose, but through stale love they gain,
These lucky men, maintain a world insane.


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