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The Very Best of the Sonic Fanbase: Funny Comments Galore

A few weeks ago I published an opinionated piece on TSSZ titled "Vertical Slice: Sonic Fans are LOVE". In it I commented on the bitter reaction of some members of the Sonic fanbase to the "revelation" that Sonic Lost World writer Ken Pontac isn't 100% familiar with the story lines of the two Sonic Adventure games.

I now sit here now in disbelief, staring at the total number of comments to the article which stands at a mighty 218. That's not to mention the comments the article has received elsewhere including Facebook and on a fully fledged counter-argument article.

A good chunk of these comments have been written by rationally minded folk who have either complimented me for the article, agreed with the article, or respectfully disagreed with the article. Many more comments, however, have come from the very types of Sonic fans I initially criticised.

Needless to say, I find the comments from the latter group rather amusing. Hit the jump to read over my best picks, provided without edits or additional snide remarks from me.

First up are the fan created Facebook pages for Sonic Adventure 3 and Sonic Adventure Era Fans. It should be noted that the organiser of both pages is involved in the same Ken Pontac interview the disgruntled Sonic fans have been complaining about.

Here's a lovely quote from the sites' organiser, who has commented on my article via both of the aforementioned Facebook fan pages:
Because many fans like the mytho around these games! The fascination about Sonic does not come from Sonic Colors or SLW, the content in these games is boring, even people who actually like these games admit it! Sonic 3/ SA and SA2 have engaging stories, a stimulating universe and seeing how people reacted after the leak, I suspect a significative part of the fandom do not want to let that mytho go. I am SO DISAPOINTED to see how the author of this article just came out with this outrageous conclusion. We really need more ''adventure'' representatives on the media...
And here's some equally lovely comments on the same fan pages regarding the above comment:

Alison McNamee
Sonic fans are love? This article is filled with hate towards people who are clearly trying to defend Sonic's title. Sonic is sega's icon for crying out loud, how did this guy even get hired? It would be nice if he could make it up by actually doing his research and playing the games and then decide to take a step forward into the sa3 direction; rather than letting sonic become a joke.
Ashley Williams
Why is that considered "overreacting"? People aren't allowed to express their opinions now? Sorry, but many of us are passionate about this franchise- we're not going to accept Sega's bull. Sega should have made sure that their writer was provided with enough information. This guy is coming off as one of those condescending elitists who think they know everything about the series.
Foremane Surmane
If people said that they should fire Pontac, they were not actually saying that it was his fault but SEGA's, that they hired that man. And that firing him would remedy that mistake, which is all on SEGA.
Foremane Surmane (again)
WHY does it need to be so popular? I mean, there are many pages where the Sonic matters are discussed much more thoroughly and more intelligently, yet THIS article gets an approval from Ken Pontac and Mike Pollock.

Next up is a counter-argument article by a chap that goes by the name "Heru Sankofa". The piece, titled "No Mr. Westgarth. Sonic fans are Pissed.", breaks down my TSSZ article sentence by sentence an explains why everything I said is universally false. It's far too long for me to pluck quotes from and I therefore suggest that you read it yourselves.

But what I will quote, in its entirety, is a comment made by Wordpress user "Shadow" who suggests that I'm subliminally trying to manipulate Sonic fans into disliking Shadow the Hedgehog:

One more thing. Notice this line:
“If Sega thought it important for Pontac to know the true origins of Shadow the Hedgehog, they would have provided Pontac with the material required for him to educate himself.
Saying that, I’m not even sure if Sega ever decided on Shadow’s true origin – not that it matters in the slightest.” 
I mean… what?! How come that that guy suddenly talks about Shadow the Hedgehog? How is he related to anything? The argument was on how SEGA and Pontac handle Sonic the Hedgehog. The argument was mostly about their appearances in Colors and SLW. In Generations, it was like Shadow was not even there. And if you claim he was, he had the Same role which was established in SA2 by repeating the old duel with Sonic again. 
But why did the author felt the need to suddenly mention Shadow when all the plight was only about Sonic and current Sonic plots which had nothing (new) to do with Shadow. 
It was just a subliminal message to his audience. He just wanted to claim how happy he was that Shadow was no longer significant to the plot and happy that those who had him as a favorite character are now mad. He was expressing happiness that if this new direction lasts, Shadow will be screwed up as much as other characters and even Shadow fans will start to fight and eventually to hate Shadow. 
It was just subliminal message to all who hate Shadow and the implications of his existence that they should support this all over the place story. 
Yes, Shadow had a great deal in the story and if Pontac made his research well, he’d have to learn his part very well. But the claim this author made sounded more like that because of Shadow’s existence, it was only good that Pontac wrote the story from scratch not looking left or right. 
This stupidity and blind hatred of everything they don’t understand needs to stop.

Last up is my personal picks of the many, many comments made on my article over at TSSZ. Please note that some of the comments made by readers were longer than my article and I simply wasn't able to hunt through them for entertaining quotes (all the more reason to check out the original article for yourselves).

Also note that TSSZ reader "The Effect" is featured numerous times. This is because the majority of his posts suggest that future Sonic the Hedgehog games should be developed by BioWare, in the same vain as the Mass Effect series.

Kids these days are playing Call of Duty or Halo so I don’t think making a slightly darker story would hurt anyone. The population of well-raised kids is decreasing.
So while a lot of fans could care less about stories in their Sonic games like yourself, in my opinion, the numerous stories Sonic games were bestowed with during the Dreamcast/Multiplatform era and the Storybook series I’ll admit weren’t the greatest pieces of story-telling in the world. But you know what? At least Sonic Team actually tried to develop the world of Sonic by writing such things. I’d argue it made the games more memorable as a result.
Evan Stanley
One does not write a research paper without first doing the research, and it’s the same with any other project.
I believe they should make stories as good as sonic chronicles
Kabam! (again)
If you don’t like our reactions than why did you guys even bother posting the article about Pontac on the TSSZ in the first place?! If you believed it was a matter that not everyone could interpret correctly than you shouldn’t have put it up on the site at all. Don’t go blaming us for the events of recent when you guys could have avoided the entire thing.
He didn’t know. He claimed that he did his research, but it was most likely lie, or he did a very bad research.
Draco (again)
I wonder if you are kid if you wrote this article. Because if you are not kid, why do you defend the games being for kids?
Sonic fans are PASSION
Thats a better explanation then your shallowed, narrowed minded, sheltered, immature, discriminating, foolish, idiotic, and down right insulting idea that they fanbase are ALL whiny and never pleased brats
Good day.
Kevin Ruddell
You do realized that The Legend of Zelda HAS a canon timeline, right? Every game, save the Phillips CD-I Abortions, fit neatly on this timeline. Granted, I’m sure it’ll be updated soon after Link between worlds drops, but whatever.
No, Sonic COLORS was aimed at kids, and before then, the fanboys blamed them for liking the game they didn’t. If you want a game kids liked, look no further then Shadow the Hedgehog.
As for Sonic games being aimed at children, once again, no they are not. They never have. All Sonic games are rated either E or E10+. The “E” stands for “everyone”.
Kids aren’t too dumb to know that if they get a game called “Sonic: Lost World” for Christmas, they got screwed. Especially when they watch their older siblings unwrapping games like Mass Effect, Halo, or Assassin’s Creed next to them.
They also understand the concept of peers. They know if they go to school and say, “I got Sonic Colors”, they’ll be laughed at. The title alone will probably get them punched in the mouth. Especially since most kids 10, 9, or younger are playing Call of Duty.
blixt (again)
No, I will not keep Mass Effect, Halo, etc. “out of here”. They are major games that have a big impact on the market. More importantly, they’re played by a lot of people. Including kids. Mostly because the market for kids’ video games sucks. So, they are instrumental in demonstrating why the mindset behind this whole idea that Sonic is a “kids only” franchise… and that kids are supposedly more attracted to stupid games than good games… is faulty.
blixt (once again)
Ratchet’s not just a “kid game”. It’s more of an “in the middle game”.
The Effect
People who say that Shadow looks stupid holding a gun should take a good, long, hard look at Mass Effect. Those characters look a million times stupider than any of the cast members in Sonic. Especially the aliens.
And speaking of the aliens… people who claim to have a problem with Sonic and Elise should refer to the graphic, M-rated sex scenes in Mass Effect. You think one little kiss is weird… try watching a human woman having sex with a blue space woman.
The Effect
The people that play Sonic also play games like Mass Effect. The audiences aren’t different.
The Effect
And don’t ask someone like Nintendo or Dimps to do it. Do it with someone who makes really GOOD games, like BioWare or the people who make Metal Gear Solid.
And yes, I know BioWare developed Sonic Chronicles (for which a sequel is way overdue). But what they need to do is develop a Sonic game proper. And show Sonic Team how to do it.
The Effect
Sonic should definitely have RPG elements. Not multiple-choice answers or make-your-own storylines… but better HUBs, better side-missions, and better NPC interactions are not unreasonable to expect. Map screens and level-to-level is not okay. Maybe for a few games, every once in a while, but not as a standard.
BioWare could be particularly helpful with getting that down. But that’s not why BioWare came to mind. Nor is it because they developed Chronicles. They came to mind because they consistently create good games. And they are just an example.
The Effect
Sure, a map screen can be sometimes used to enhance RPG elements. Not often, but it can be. If it’s used similarly to Unleashed or the Mass Effect games… But not like in Colors.
The Effect
I own and have finished all three incarnations of Sonic Adventure: Dreamcast, GameCube, and HD. I once owned Sonic 06 on the Xbox 360. Then, after I got a PS3, I bought it for that. I have also played several other people’s copies of it. I have completed it many times, even collected all the medals in it a few times.
The Effect
Even in Shadow the Hedgehog’s case, SEGA aren’t totally to blame – there was a demand for a game starring Shadow (from most of the fanbase) and a game with guns (from the kids), so it wasn’t that hard to see how SEGA came to believe it would be a good idea to combine the two.
The Effect
Oh, Shadow the Hedgehog’s controls are fine. So are most of the 3D games’ controls. This whole thing about controls and cameras is dumb. 
Again, when people play a game, they adapt to its issues. After a level or two of playing almost ANY game, you just automatically get used to the controls and camera.

I'd like to finish off this post by once again stating that there have been several commenters with extremely positive things to say about my article and my writing style. Thanks to all who enjoyed my article and had such kind things to say -- it's you that I listen to, it's you I serve, and it's for you that I will continue to contribute to TSSZ. I hope to hear from you all soon.

Images sourced from Awkward Sonic Photos, most probably owned by Sega.


  1. All I see here is everyone who critizised me suchs and..."Thanks to all who enjoyed my article and had such kind things to say -- it's you that I listen to, it's you I serve, and it's for you that I will continue to contribute to TSSZ."

    This is so pathetic, it's like disregarding an issue because you don't like it, and to see that from a grown adult beyond shameful.

  2. So, you posted an article about a touchy topic in the world's touchiest fanbase. And you were surprised by a lot of comments disagreeing with you about it.

    And your response to that was to childishly repost the ones you didn't like the most somewhere else.

    And you're calling THEM immature... Huh. You even picked some of the more rational ones to try to make look bad. And I'm not even talking about mine.

    Because what this all boils down to is: you thought more people would see it your way, and they didn't.

    Not doing much for the Sonic fanbase's reputation with behavior like that.

  3. It's illegal to post peoples' full names in public places without their consent. You best take this article down.

    1. But we don't need such a cheap riddance, we need to solve an initial problem with his behavior. And those aren't exactly full names... I don't have anything against it as long as nobody threatens me. :)

    2. Well he made someone uncomfortable by posting her name, and he has no right to do that. Sure, our names are on Facebook but WE chose to put them there. No one else has the right to plaster someone else's name wherever they please, unless that person doesn't have a problem with it.

      If you ARE going to use names, then just use first names. Take out the last names.

    3. If you make your name public then there's no violation anywhere.

    4. But again, it's MY name. I can post my own name wherever I please. Just like I can post MY photos wherever I please, but it's still illegal for someone else to post my pictures without my consent. It doesn't matter if I make them "Public" or not- my names or my photos, my rules.

    5. You think you're way more important than you actually are, I'll just leave it at that.

    6. First of all, I'm not even talking about myself. Read the comment I posted again. I said he made SOMEONE ELSE uncomfortable. I'm just defending her- I don't care if this clown uses my name. It's still not right for him to plaster someone's full name wherever he pleases. He should have asked her, AND he could've asked me before assuming it was alright.

      I don't even know why you jumped on me for this in the first place. I'm addressing Michael Westgarth, not you. Take your unnecessary anger elsewhere.

  4. Hello.

    After reading your article, I can truthfully say that this is easily the most immature, whinny and just plain stupid. You obviously feel the need to attack and ridicule fans who expressed their opinions and stated their stance on the Sonic series in general. for what reason exactly? Because they didn't like the damage control found in your biased, unoriginal article? (which also happens to be extremely amateurish and fairly contrived judging by its presentation and contrived "snide remarks")

    In truth, you happen to be ridiculing the very few sane fans of this beaten down, crucified fanbase. This is a spiteful article and was painfully awkward for me to get through (I could only read a little over half before I grew embarrassed for you) In any case I am only here to relay to you a simple message. In my internet travelings, I came across a response letter to this drivel that appears to be poorly mimicking a professional, well thought out article. IT turns out that Sonic Adventure 3 page admin, Era, would like a few words with you. It seems your insensitive, pigheaded comments have not gone unnoticed. You should feel happy! Finally! the recognition you so sorely deserve!

    lol....*leaves link on wall, shakes head and walks out of virtual conversation room*

  5. Wow... freelance publisher? Like you are getting paid for that?
    Humanity at it's worst...


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