Thursday, 14 November 2013

To Sega Addicts, Thanks For Everything! Michael Westgarth

Many things have happened over the last year and a half: I've moved country, moved house, attended events and have contributed to a variety of fantastic outlets. Despite all that, one thing has always remained the same; I've always been a contributor to Sega Addicts.

Sega Addicts has changed in many ways since I joined up in February 2012. The site has seen key members leave, new members join and the publication of more features, reviews, interviews, podcasts and news reports than you can shake a stick at. The latest changes come in the form of a fantastic new site redesign and the departure of Sega Addicts mastermind Alex Riggen.

I'm really happy with the work I've done with the Sega Addicts crew and the work I did during my time as the site's News Editor. I think Sega Addicts has a great deal of promise and will go on to do wonderful things. However, my time with the site has come to an end.

There's no reason for my departure other than a lack of time on my part. I haven't been able to fulfil  my duties as News Editor or even a regular writer, with Sega Addicts related work falling to the bottom of the pile in favour of work on other sites. It's not fair on the rest of the gang, on the readers and on myself -- whose work load has become somewhat... bloated, as of late.

I'll never forget the fun I had chatting with Stevie Grant and Joshua Newey on the Sega Addicts Kids Table, I'll never forget the short-lived Sega PALs series starring Tommy Carver-Chaplin and yours truly, and I'll never forget the many, many news stories I saw published on the site, including my very first one.

Thanks guys -- It was wild, wild ride.


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