Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sonnet: Brownian Emotion

O', to Best Western, had a lovely trip,
apart from when I had to take a shit,

With strain and groan and nail dug into thigh,
a turd came forth, the stench it stung my eye,

"Oh, sweet release!", elation it did gush,
My thoughts, emergent, then turned to the flush,

I pressed, I plunged, the switch atop the loo,
Yet there I was still staring at my poo,

For centuries we've tried to hide the shame,
The lengths we go to verging on "insane",

Despite our race, our creed, our god, our sex,
This simple truth should leave no one perplexed:

Disregard the petty global fights,
Through defecation human kind unites.

Post Script, I am aware of my "mistake",
A sonnet, this rhyme scheme, does not equate,

But radicals enrich the written word,
So kiss my ass Shakespeare, you fucking nerd.


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