Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Poem: Irrespect for Equality and Diversity - The Historical Carousel

It's Mr. Putin! All stand proud,
He'll never let his Russians down,

He strides with passion, strides with pride,
Supporters cheering on both sides,

He stands on stage, he talks the talk,
He grasps that monumental torch,

They watched the cauldron, watched it burn,
O', L-G-B-T, they will learn,

To liquid depths, to Northern Pole,
To outer space, to mountain tall,

Their hatred spreads across the land,
Yet far too many fail to stand,

Against Vladimir, against his law,
Against a culture that abhors,

The normal men and women who,
Want equal rights, to live like you,

To sing, to dance, to smile, to love,
A freedom that has now been snubbed,

By wretched, loveless, Eastern hands,
Allowing hate to sweep the land,

And Swastikas, they rise again,
To take the lives gentlemen,

To take the lives of women too,
To punch and kick until they're blue,

Their bodies raped, their bodies burned,
Excuse me if this sounds absurd,

But being gay is not a crime,
They're people too! You must be blind!

How could it be, this day and age,
We'd celebrate this masquerade,

That sees a great sporting event,
Fall on that land of rage and hate.

I could be wrong, you never know,
Just watch the sport, enjoy the show.

Irrespect for Equality and Diversity - The Historical Carousel
By Michael Westgarth - 7th October 2013


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