Sunday, 29 September 2013

New PlayStation 3 Hard Drive: Installing Games Is Fun!

My new 250GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue 5400rpm 8MB cache HDD (which I'll just call "hard drive" from now on) came through the post the other day. Those who know me well also know how tight I am with my money and how I very rarely treat myself to anything. Seriously, I don't even buy bus tickets unless it's absolutely necessary. With that being said, this is kind of a big thing for me.

For those who don't know, I bought myself a second hand super slim PlayStation 3 for £90 as a 25th birthday treat to myself. This came after about six years of eyeing up PlayStation 3 consoles in various shops, but refusing to pay more than £100 for one. I have a handful of cheap, early generation games to keep me occupied and, for the most part, I'm having a lot of fun with my new toy.

That is until I got more than three games for it and found myself deleting and reinstalling PlayStation 3 game data and updates on an almost daily basis.

You see, in Europe we have a budget model of the super slim PlayStation 3 with 12GB flash memory. That's the PlayStation 3 I went for, unaware of just how many games have large, mandatory installs. I had an idea about the installs, but reckoned it wouldn't be a problem -- that is until I popped in Metal Gear Solid 4.

Anyway, you can imagine my frustration at having to delete and reinstall game data so frequently. This is why my girlfriend decided to lend me a bit of cash until I get paid so that I can hunt for a decent hard drive on the internet. My girlfriend plays my PlayStation 3 a lot -- more than I do -- which explains her interest in a new hard drive.

Anyway, for roughly £25 I picked up a second hand drive from Amazon with P&P included. The hard drive is installed in my PlayStation 3 now with a make-shift caddy (Sony don't supply one with the PlayStation 3, nor do they make them easily available to buy -- and I'm in the process of gleefully installing all of my favourite games including my Japanese copy of Everybody's Golf 5. Hooray!


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