Monday, 30 September 2013

CraftiHub Update: So Far So Good

You may remember that back at the start of August I announced a new plan to start up a handicraft news website named CraftiHub. Truth be told, it wasn't a project I expected my regular MegaWestgarth readers to be all that interested in due to its lack of relevance to videogames. However, it's still a project that I and the site's co-owner Emma Lenton believe in.

I'm happy to report that, despite a lack of regular updates due to my own time constraints and Emma's new job, CraftiHub has had a lot of attention by handicraft enthusiasts. Our view count is much healthier than either of us expected, and the level of interest our articles have achieved on Tumblr in particular is phenomenal.

So thanks to all those who stopped by to read about robotic knitters, banned quilts and uncomfortable business partnerships. Emma and I have many, many more plans -- we just need more time. So be sure to check back on CraftiHub whenever you have the urge to feel inspired by the wonderful world of handicraft!


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