Wednesday, 13 March 2013

MegaWestgarth Is Back

For about two months now I've been surviving in my flat in Roermond, the Netherlands with little to no internet and no live broadcast television. Needless to say that now I've arrived home in my birthplace of Ipswich, England (home of former World's Fattest Man, 'Fatty' Paul Mason), I've bee catching up with all the world's news.

A resigned pope, Russia being hit with a meteorite, Metal Gear Rising doing well, Colonial Marines doing not so well, SimCity just... Being another EA product. The fallout of all of these events is still going on around me and it's difficult to find my footing again.

Luckily I've got myself back in touch with the powers at be and am happy to announce that I'll be continuing to write for technology website Geek Magazine and will also be returning to my post as News Editor for the fantastic Sega fan site Sega Addicts.

Thanks to all that read over my recent article on The Escapist. You can expect lots of new and interesting content popping up with my name on it on the internet and beyond. And thanks for your patience...!


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