Friday, 1 February 2013

Check Out My Wares at Retro Beurs Deurne 2013

Readers of my blog will remember me writing about the Dutch retro gaming fair I went to last year named Retro Beurs Deurne. I saw some cool things, bought some great games and met some really nice people including Sega SG-1000 developer Martijn Wenting.

At this year's upcoming Retro Beurs I'll have my very own table where you'll be able to by a heap of my very own retro gaming treasures. In order to keep costs down on my move back to the UK I'm having a huge clearout of a lot of my retro gaming collection. Here's a selection of what will be on sale, including a lot of items you may recognise from this blog:

I'm also sharing my table with my girlfriend who will be showcasing her videogame handicrafts. She'll have lots of interesting items to view and to buy spanning the world of videogames and will also be taking custom orders. Her worth is definitely worth checking out and a selection of the items she will be bringing can be found through this link.

The fair's official website with information on how to get there can be found through this link (the site is in Dutch so just contact me if you want details in English). 

I hope to see you there!


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