Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Meanwhile at Sega Addicts: Gamescom 2012 and More

Yes it's another one of those posts where I shamelessly plug my most recent writings of significance for the Sega- orientated website I write for named Sega-Addicts. I've been writing for the site almost daily for about six months in an attempt to both increase the quality of my work and to expose myself to a larger audience. That being said I am extremely appreciative of my frequent readers, with my blog hitting a milestone last weekend of 5,000 individual hits, and as such I invite you to all to read what I consider to be some good articles written elsewhere.

Gamescom 2012: A Sega-Addicts tale

Gamescom; the largest video game expo in Europe, and potentially the largest 'interactive entertainment' expo in the world. My girlfried and I werelucky enough to attend the event for one day on Friday August 17th 2012. I had such an amazing time there and even though I wasn't able to queue to play most of the big games and Sega wasn't there, it's still an experience I'll never forget. The sheer size of the place combined with companies with massive displays desperate to grab my attention was simply astounding. Being the only member of Sega-Addicts to visit Gamecom, I took it upon myself to write an article of my experience there which can be read through this link.

The Sega Addicts 10 Games with Similarities to Jet Set Radio 

To celebrate the upcoming rerelease of Jet Set Radio in HD we at Sega-Addicts thought we should help quell the overwhelming excitement by offering a list of games that are not quite Jet Set Radio, but sure do remind us of it. In this particular article I write about two fantastic games of last generation SSX Tricky and Viewtiful Joe, however some of my fellow writer's entries will be far from what you may expect. Chekc out the article here.

Non-Sega Characters We’d Like to See in All-Stars Racing Transformed

This article was created as a cumulative effort of all Sega-Addicts writers in response of the news of Danica Patrick and Disney's Wreck-It Ralph appearing in the upcoming Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing sequel with the opinion that the game never needed cameo appearances and Sega should have concentrated on including Sega characters that should have been included the the first game. The result is a list of characters we would jokingly like to see in the upcoming sequel. My suggestions were Aqua Teen Hunger Force, jareth the Goblin King and Walter Sobchak and if you want to know how these characters would en up in the game and what their vehicle and powers would be then check out this link.

Retro Review: Batman for the Mega Drive

To coincide with the release of The Dark Knight Rises in the cinema, I decided to go way back to the caped crusader's first appearance on a Sega console, and his first notable appearance on any home console in the 1990 Mega Drive game Batman developed by Sunsoft. I've had this game for many years and have enjoyed it immensely despite its seemingly basic gameplay. If you want my critique of the game, as well as a humorous comparison of Sunsoft's Batman character to his conventional counterpart you can find the article here.

The Sega Addicts 10 Hidden Gems for the Mega Drive

This is the last feature I'm going to plug here with it being the most self explanatory. Every few weeks The Sega-Addicts staff come together and write short descriptions of the best, worst and hidden games for each of the many Sega consoles out there. This one in particular holds importance to me as I get to advertise the fact that I own one of the rarest Mega Drive games there are, Alien Soldier, as well as preach about a fantastic Mega Drive game that no one has played, Dragon's Fury. If you have an interest in the Mega Drive but have blasted through the obvious choices of games, you can check out the list here.

I offer these articles up as a substitute for 'real' blog posts and while I know there's no substitute for the real deal I hope it gives the impression that I am indeed busy away with my writings and that my blog is far from forgotten. I still have plenty of interesting things to show you all and many other things I would like to share my thoughts on. So keep on coming back and thanks to every last one of you readers that contributed to my blog reaching 5,000 hits. I'm proper chuffed about that.


  1. Yay plugs! Congrats on reaching 5,000 views! How long have you had the blog up for?

    1. Hey DrScottnik. I've been writing for this blog for about a year and a half. For the longest of time I had a really low view count, I'm talking a maximum of 2 views a week. From the blogger stats it would seem that I've had a small but regular amount of readers and it's only in the last 3-4 months that my blog has really been getting hits. Now I'm getting a minimum of 20 a day, although I doubt all of them are by actual people.

      Thanks for the comment!


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