Friday, 9 December 2011

Rainy Day Findings

Popular Dutch philosophy
Saturday saw a much needed, day long downpour of rain. After a few weeks of awfully cold, foggy weather, a day of rain helped freshen things up a bit. I personally enjoy long walks in the rain and decided that I would do a little exploring around the area that I currently live in the suburbs of Eindhoven city. My girlfriend and I were able to find both a toy shop and a popular Dutch supermarket, the 'AH', about twenty minutes from our house. After pretending to do some shopping, and arming myself with a complimentary cup of super-strong Dutch coffee, I had my girlfriend read over the classified adverts they have posted there.

Turned out that there was a garage-sale being held every Saturday not far from where we were and, after walking around in circles for a good quarter of an hour, we managed to find the place behind a row of houses. It was of course empty save for the old dear running it. Turned out that the items were being sold second hand in order to fund the education of children in Cambodia, or something along those lines, and was in effect the closest things to a charity shop I had been to during my entire stay in the Netherlands.

I managed to walk out with a bargain too. I managed to get six decent original Xbox games for a mere €0.50 each. I also got a few English books for my girlfriend as well, and didn't spend more than €5.00 doing so. The games were all complete with manuals apart from DOA 3, unfortunately they're completely unreadable due to being Dutch/French prints.

This is quite fortunate as I've had my original Xbox for about two years now and even though I spent many weeks trying to softmod the blasted thing, killing a perfectly good Xbox in the process, I've only ever played one game in it's entirety; Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance, and a ruddy good game that was too. I've never felt that I've had a chance to really get into the console as it was not a popular console amongst my friends and I at the time of it's release and served as the comic-relief character of the Sixth Generation Console Wars.

Of particular interest to me are TimeSplitters 3 and WWE RAW. I consider TimeSpliters 3 to be an absolute classic with regards to console FPS gaming and believe it, and the entire TS series, has been completely overshadowed by this generations FPS offerings. It's safe to say that I probably got more local multiplayer game time out of TimeSplitters 2 than on Golden EYE and Perfect Dark combined. I very much look forward to playing it through again with my girlfriend on the Xbox. Hopefully it'll be subject to a graphical boost over the PS2 version I played the first time round. While WWE RAW will by no means be a fantastic game, on the other hand, as long as I can be the Big Show and choke slam everyone through tables, I'll be happy.

"Are you not entertained?"

Now that I have a rough estimate of when my things will arrive in the Netherlands, I can look forward to playing these games as well as all of my other games I've left behind. The majority of these games will be easy to dip in and out of and will be perfect to play in those first few months while I'm still adapting to my new home and new environment.


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